Our experienced technicians are happy to work on your diesel engine

Competent, Effective and Service-oriented

We don’t care where the engine is or what it exactly drives. We have experience with powertrains in commercial shipping and water sports , but also with diesel- powered fire extinguishing systems , water pumps , power packs and generators in the industry .

From Goes in Zeeland we serve customers throughout the Netherlands and beyond.


Our background is in maritime shipping. We were depended on the machines on board the ships. We know better than anyone how important it can be that an engine starts when you need it and then performs optimally. We do everything we can to make that happen. We treat the engines as if they were our own, make sure we have and use all the manuals and follow the manufacturers’ advice. We spend a lot of time following all developments and investing in modern diagnostic techniques. Of course, this means that we have to deliver bad news sometimes or recommend major repairs, but we are not afraid of that. We don’t make it more beautiful than it is. We support you when the engine needs to be kept in good working order by offering and performing the correct maintenance and we are also there to solve problems.


Our goal is to keep your engine running optimally. In addition, we find it very important to satisfy our customers so that they return to us in the future. That is why you are always assured of the very best service with us.

20 years of experience

MI Techniek can build on 20 years of experience. Our specialisms and knowledge enable us to guarantee constant quality

Gereviseerde volvo penta KAD 32 voor plaatsing in het jacht

Own service department

We have a strong team, with a quick follow-up in case of calamities, problems and failures. We have our own equipment and can resolve the malfunctions at your location. We are always there for you with our service department.

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