Reliable overhaul

Everything comes to an end, including the lifeof adiesel engine; due to wearor damage. By doing a complete or partial overhaul, we can return the engine or part of it to new condition. This is often the most economical solution. In order to be able to assess this, knowledge and experience is required. That is why MI Techniek in Goes, Zeeland, is a reliable partner for the overhaul of your engine.

Thorough check

After dismantling the engine, every part is thoroughly inspected.

Only the best

We only use the very best parts and materials, during overhaul. Of course you have a guarantee on this.

Perfect adjustment

After the overhaul, we adjust the engine perfectly so that it performs optimally again.


During the execution of our work, you can assume that it will be carried out with the greatest care. Our employees are professionally trained and have the necessary knowledge.


Our goal is to keep your engine running optimally. In addition, we find it very important to satisfy our customers so that they return to us in the future. That is why you are always assured of the very best service with us.

20 years of experience

MI Techniek can build on 20 years of experience. Our specialisms and knowledge enable us to guarantee constant quality

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