Volvo Penta Specialist

Volvo Penta specialist

After years of servicing, repairingand overhaulingVolvo Penta engines, drivesand IPS systems, we can rightly say: 

MI Techniek: Your Volvo Penta Specialist

Located in Goes, Zeelandwe are performing activities for companies and individuals.

Volvo Penta Electronics

Sometimes an electronic fault in your Volvo Penta diesel engineinstallation can be very hard to find. With the right equipment, experience and knowledge of Volvo Penta's engine management systems, we set the right diagnosis and we will solve the malfunction. Your Volvo Penta engine also trouble-free? Contact MI Techniek! Read more about us and about diagnosing your engine.

Volvo Penta Malfunction

Volvo Penta IPS

The correct maintenance of a Volvo Penta IPS installation is vital to avoid expensive repairs in the future. That's why you call MI Techniek. Does your engineshow vibrations , do you think there iswater in the oil or is your IPS drive not functioning properly anymore? We have the right equipment and the necessary knowledge and experience to disassemble your IPS drive , repair it and put back together professionally. Your Volvo Penta IPS as new again? Contact MI Techniek! Read more about us and our services.

Volvo Penta IPS

Volvo Penta Drives

Basically, there is always one Volvo Penta drive in our workshop. Some come for little repairs , others for a complete overhaul . For the precision adjustments of bearings and shafts we have the right tools and knowledge. We are also available for the regular maintenance of your Volvo Penta drive. From Goes in Zeeland throughout The Netherlands . Would you like your Volvo Penta drive to run optimal again? Contact MI Techniek! We do it on a daily basis. Read more about us and our services.

Volvo Penta DPH Tailpieces


During the execution of our work, you can assume that it will be carried out with the greatest care. Our employees are professionally trained and have the necessary knowledge.


Our goal is to keep your engine running optimally. In addition, we find it very important to satisfy our customers so that they return to us in the future. That is why you are always assured of the very best service with us.

20 years of experience

MI Techniek can build on 20 years of experience. Our specialisms and knowledge enable us to guarantee constant quality

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